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Just like we have done in class last week, follow the instructions on the PowerPoint.

  • Pick one word from Vocabulary Corner to analyse and clarify
  • Read the text
  • Answer the Rapid Retrieval questions
  • Think about /Discuss (if possible) the discussion questions
  • Finally, answer the Flying Solo questions using as much evidence and detail as possible

The Muppet Christmas Carol - classic trailer


Today we will write section four of our biography on Sir David Attenborough. The final section.

*You will need your research notes and your jotters at the ready to help you complete today's task.*


BEFORE you start, remember to revisit your writing from the previous day, checking your spellings, punctuation and grammar. Make any corrections that you recognise.


REVIEW your success criteria. What features have you included so far? What have you not yet used? Could you uplevel any vocabulary?


Task: Write your second section under the subheading of 'National Treasure'.

This section of your writing will now focus on drawing to a close your biography. It will need to emphasise just how iconic Sir David Attenborough is and how he has become idolised by so many. You need only watch the short clip of his appearance at Glastonbury music festival to recognise how adored he is.

Within this section you will need to present information on:

  • When Attenborough was given his knighthoods and what for
  • Species and boats named after him due to his extraordinary work
  • Honorary degrees
  • His Glastonbury appearance


WATCH: Watch how Sir David Attenborough captivates Glastonbury festival. (4mins onwards)


This will need to be written in full sentences, third person and formally.


BELOW is your success criteria.
Make sure you have attempted to include all features. Your teachers cannot wait to read your biography.

David Attenborough Presents Seven Worlds One Planet Live From Glastonbury | BBC Earth

Sir David Attenborough takes the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury to introduce new natural history show Seven Worlds: One Planet. Premiere for the trailer, with ...


Today we are continuing with revising some of the key skills covered this term. 

Today, our focus is SUBTRACTING FRACTIONS. There are several choices to today's revision tasks based on how confident children are feeling about the concept. Watch the videos below and then complete your choice of tasks. Move through the traffic light of tasks as your confidence grows or challenge yourself from the get go! 

Red is the most challenging. You will find the difficulty rating stars at the bottoms of the sheets when you open it up. 

Green level-  1 star sheet

Amber level- 2 and 3 star sheets

Red level- 3 star sheet and subtracting mixed numbers sheet

Aut6.11.1 - Subtract fractions

Aut6.10.5 - Subtract mixed numbers

Wider Curriculum


As we would usually have time in the school library today, we had put together a 'Starbooks' style Book-Tasting for you. Although we haven't got the use of the library, we still think this will be a fun activity for you to do at home this afternoon. I have chosen three books for you to 'taste' along with a form for you to record your thoughts on each book. If you happen to have some books at home that you haven't read yet, you could also use those. 


Happy Book-Tasting! smiley

For your starter, we have:

The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie



The shop from nowhere can appear at any time, in any city.

Its labyrinth of rooms contains wonders beyond belief.

But to enter you must pay a price.


When Daniel stumbles into the mysterious Nowhere Emporium in Glasgow, he opens the door to a world of breathtaking magic and looming danger.







For you Main Course, we have:

When the Fishes Flew by Michael Morpurgo




This first new novel in two years from the Nation’s Favourite Storyteller is a sweeping story of love and rescue – an unforgettable journey to the Greek island of Ithaca, and back in time to World War Two…


Australian-Greek girl Nandi travels to her ancestors’ home in Ithaca, and discovers – through a friendship with an extremely unusual flying fish – the extraordinary story of her great-aunt Elena; of how she fell in love, in the hardest of times, and how of how she became an unsung hero of World War Two.


But Elena has gone missing, and Nandi has to find her. In her search, she will discover that Elena was an even greater hero than she thought – and still is…



and finally, for you Dessert, we have: 

The Book of Stolen Dreams by David Farr




When Rachel and Robert are passed a stolen book by their librarian father, they have to go on the run and protect it at all costs. With their father captured and everyone hunting for the Book, they must uncover its secrets and track down the final, missing page.
But the cruel and calculating Charles Malstain is on their trail. When the children discover the astonishing, magical truth about the Book, they resolve to do everything in their power to stop it falling into his hands. For if it does, he could rule forever.