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Clowne Junior School

Working together for success and happiness


L.I. – To find answers within a text and show understanding by using evidence.

Your Tasks for Today

- Remind yourself of the scenes you have read this week. 

- Answer the following questions


  1. Write a short description of Hermione’s physical appearance in Scene Six.


   2. Who does the whole of history rest on?


   3. Write a synonym for the word meddled.


Great. I expect their mother is hot.’

   4. Why does Scorpius blush here?


   5. What does the word discombobulated mean?


   6. Snape tells Hermione not to go outside. Why?


Page 204 – Scene 9 – Find the stage directions.

    7. Draw and label the scene created.



  8. How does the Dementor make Scorpius feel?


  9. Snape does something unusal in the scene with Dolores Umbridge. What is it?


  10. At the end of Scene Nine, Albus and Scorpius are feeling very differently. Why?