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Clowne Junior School

Working together for success and happiness


Understanding Feelings


Recognising how you feel is an important step to achieve mental wellbeing.


Today's activity will help us recognise our emotions and understand what we can to help us take better control of our emotions.


Task 1:

- 'What can we do poster'

- Draw a self portrait in the centre of your page.

- When you reach 'what can we do' each slide notes some things within our control that we can do to improve our mental wellbeing.

- Add these to your self portrait to create an information poster about 'what we can do' to take control of our wellbeing.


Task 2:

Pick five emotions or more, next to them write about a situation when you felt that emotion.

For example:
Happiness: Going to the beach with my family and playing in the sea.
Sadness: Not being able to see my friends during lockdown.
Grateful: When I broke my arm I felt grateful to the doctors who help mend it.