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L.I: Rewrite a scene from the point of view of Ron or Hermione                                                   

Ensure you have read Chapter 16 before completing today's tasks.  Think about the main events of this chapter.

  • They realise that the stone is not safe, Harry, Ron and Hermione then go to find it.
  • They then face several trials to reach the stone—Fluffy, devil’s snare, flying keys, chess, potions
  • Harry goes alone into the last chamber.

Which trial do you find the most exciting?

By the end of this chapter Harry is alone. Although the book is written in third person, it is Harry’s point of view that we mostly see. The story follows him and it is his thoughts and feelings that the narrative describes. What would it be like if someone else told the story? What might change?


Think about the trials where both Ron and Hermione are present . What would it be like if Ron or Hermione retold this scene (1st person, their thoughts and feelings could be shared, they might know different things to Harry.) Choose one trial and one character and rewrite from their point of view. Focus on creating exciting, cohesive narrative. 



When you have finished re-read your writing. Have you built up to an exciting climax? Is your narrative cohesive?