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Clowne Junior School

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Comprehension - Applying the Skills


Worst Jobs for Kids


  • Work through PowerPoint
  • Complete the comprehension questions about the text



1. What were most children lucky to do?

2. Which features of children made them perfect for many jobs?

3. What did all of the jobs have in common in terms of children’s health?

4. What happened that meant more children were needed in railway stations?

5. Put the jobs in the text in order from worst to best. Give a reason for each one.

6. What word tells the reader how loud a noise was?

7. What did Dick Whittington mean when he said, “The streets are paved with gold”?

8. How do you think the author felt about Victorian children? What tells you this?

9. What ingredient did tanners need?

10. If you still had to do these jobs, do you think you would moan about school? Give reasons.