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L.I. To answer questions from various reading domains about Act 4 Scenes 7 - 11


Using the scenes you read yesterday, answer the following questions using as much detail and evidence from the text as possible. 


Don't forget to write your answers in full sentences; ensure they are punctuated accurately and you have used capital letters for proper nouns. 




  1. How is Godric’s Hollow different in the present day?

  2. Hermione looks ‘witheringly’ at Ron. What does the word witheringly mean?

  3. What do you notice about the stage directions when the Time-Turner is used?

  4. What does the phrase ‘Time is of the essence’ mean?

  5. What was the heroic thing Harry did when Ginny was released from the hospital?

  6. Why must it be Harry that transfigures into Voldemort?

  7. Who is Delphi’s mother?

  8. In what order does Harry’s transfiguration begin to break?

  9. 'This is titanic’ – What synonym could replace the word titanic?

  10. What do Delphi and Harry have in common?