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During this unit of Year 6 learning, we will be discovering how money and finances play an important part in people's lives.


The world revolves around the economy, so naturally, money is often a topic of conversation. Together we are going to gather a better understanding of what money is, where it comes from, how it impacts people's lives and more.




We would like you to imagine these three scenarios.


- You won £20 in a family bet.
- You lost £20 from your pocket whilst on your way to the shops.

- You need £20 to buy a parent/guardian an amazing present but you don't have it and nobody will lend it to you.

Now write each scenario into a small bubble, and write your thoughts and feelings around each bubble to represent how you would feel in each scenario.




Visit the website in the link below

Use the website to explore the new polymer £20 note.


Note all of the security features, why do you think money needs so many security features?


Because of fakes I hear you say... Indeed.

Forged (fake) money can be very costly, especially to those who can't recognise it!


Using the website in the link, create a brief top tips poster to help people identify a real £20 note.


Make sure you include some of the security features that people can look for to help them.