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Predict, Infer, Explain and Justify


L.I. To use clues from a text to make predictions and to infer, explain and justify using evidence from the text.


Answer the following questions about the scenes you read yesterday. Don't forget to go back to the text to find evidence to justify your answers.


  1. Why does Delphi decide to return to the third task of the Triwizard Tournament?

  2. ‘Avada Kedarva!’ Why does the author use a silence after this in the stage directions?

  3. What does Delphi say Albus’ weakness is?

  4. ‘the prophecy is inevitable’ What is meant by this phrase?

  5. ‘And now I can go on? Finish the maze?’  Why do the boys look at Cedric – Heartbroken?

  6. Find and copy the two adjectives Delphi uses to describe both boys.

  7. Find and copy a synonym that means to hide.

  8. Where does Ginny find the prophecy?

  9. Who opens the prophecy and how?

  10. At the end of Chapter Delphi’s identity is revealed. Who is she?