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L.I. – To summarise scenes and compare characters from Act 1 – Scenes 6-8

Scene 6

1. Who arrives at the Potters’ house unannounced? What are their reasons for being there?


2. ‘kill the spare’ – What did Voldemort mean by this? Can you think of a synonym for the word ‘spare’ in this sentence?


3. What item did the Ministry seize?



Find and copy the word which shows you that Theodore Nott should not have had it.


4. We meet a young woman in this scene. Write a short description of her. using evidence from the text.

Scene 7

5.  What gifts do the three children receive from Ron?

6. Why is the blanket significant to Harry?

7.  Why do you think Albus is so angry with Harry?

Scene 8

Summarise this scene using three pictures.