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LI: To infer meaning and summarise Act 1 - Scenes 3 & 4.

Answer the questions about Act 1 - Scenes 3 and 4. 


  1. Why does Rose hit Albus out of sight of Scorpius?

  2. Scorpius’ face falls – What image does this give you? How is he feeling?

  3. How does Albus change the mood of the scene?

  4. The Sorting Scene – Which houses does the new students get placed?

Rose Granger-Weasley -

Scorpius Malfoy -

Albus Potter –


5. All of Scene Four shows Albus’ struggle in his first 3 years at Hogwarts.

Using evidence from the text, can you find and describe the differences between Albus and Harry (his dad)?













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