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Thursday 10th June


Enjoy some DEAR time and create a summary hand after you've read.



After jotting down some ideas about how to describe each of our key scenes, we are going to add those ideas to sentences. Work through the PowerPoint and complete the tasks.

Maths Position in the first quadrant

This is "Sum5.8.3 - Position in the first quadrant" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

For Topic, we are looking at the importance of global trade. In school, you would have been using an atlas to follow global trade routes taken by ships as products are imported to the UK and exported from the UK.

Task list:

  • Try to find the Suez and Panama canal as these are very popular due to shortening the route ships have to travel and therefore maximising the profits. Shorter trips mean more money.
  • Can you find effective ways of travelling from Eastern China to the UK via sea? Be careful not to travel above Russia and along the Arctic Ocean - it's very dangerous up there. 
  • Can you find effective ways to travel from Los Angeles on the west coast of USA to the UK without going all the way underneath South America?
  • Mark the trade routes on the map for the 20 items on the list of objects in Mr Glasswell's house.
  • Find 5 more objects and where they have travelled from and mark their routes.