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September 2021 Kindness Day/ Friendship Friday

Kindness Day/ Friendship Friday 2021

In September, the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors decided to plan a Kindness Day to begin the school year with lots of fun-filled activities to support our mental wellbeing due to the anxiety of starting a new class and getting to know new individuals.


Throughout the day, the school took part in the following activities:

  • Compliment tags- Each child in school designed a tag to be hung in the school grounds. The Anti-Bullying Team have plans to hang these outside so that individuals can read them if they need to read something that will make them smile.
  • Pledge of Kindness- As a school, we thought believe that kindness is very important. As a team, we decided on a kindness pledge for everyone in the school to agree to. We wanted to do this in a fun and meaningful way. Each individual tied a ribbon to our willow tree in the school grounds. Each year group had a different coloured ribbon to agree to the pledge.
  • Drop Everything and Boogie/ Drop Everything and Sketch- Each class had random intervals where music would play in their lesson so that they could take part in Drop Everything and Boogie or Drop Everything and Sketch. The children found this great fun and mentioned that it was a good brain break throughout the school day. 

  • Compliment slip- Each child filled out a compliment to be read to a peer. The children noticed how a compliment has the power to make others smile and brighten up their day.