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This week we will be continuing with PLAYSCRIPTS but will be looking at a different one.


Today, our playscript will link with last term's work which focused on GREEK MYTHOLOGY.

Our playscript today is called 'THE STORY OF BAUCIS AND PHILOMEN'.


Reading Skill: Visualising


Task 1:

Remind yourself of the main features of a playscript and how they are very different to other text types.

You could jot these down or discuss with somebody at home.


Task 2:

Read The Story of Baucis and Philomen SCENE 1 very carefully. 

Please Do NOT read on.


Task 3:

From Scene 1, we have been introduced to some characters. Using the information before the play starts and what you have read in Scene 1, draw each of the characters in as much detail as possible.

Ensure you take into account any clothing details from the scene directions.

Label your drawings clearly.


Task 4:

Now you have VISUALISED the characters, let's VISUALISE the setting (the place where the action is taking place).

Read the scene again carefully and draw where Scene 1 is taking place. It is always effective to label your drawings.