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In today's READING lesson, we are going to look at a section of a playscript.

We are going to look at a SCENE from OLIVER TWIST, which has been written into a playscript.


Reading Skills: Visualising, Clarifying & Justifying.


Task 1:

Read SCENE 2 of OLIVER TWIST carefully.


Task 2:

Highlight any vocabulary you are unsure of and CLARIFY it so that you understand it.


  • Can you find the root word? Do you know the meaning of that?
  • Can you replace the word with a synonym (similar word) and it still make sense for the text?
  • What type of word is it/word class? (verb, noun...)


Task 3:

Think about the 4 characters we have met:

  • Oliver
  • Mr Gamfield
  • The Man
  • Mr Limbkins


Using all of the information from the playscript (stage directions, dialogue etc), begin to VISUALISE what these characters look like.

Draw what you think they look like, what they are wearing etc BASED on the information from SCENE 2.


Task 4:

Now you have your illustrations (drawings) of the 4 main characters.

Can you add adjectives about the IMPRESSIONS you get of these characters (what you think of them/what you know about them)

Label your drawings and write around each one.


Are they happy and jolly?

Is he angry?

Is he selfish?

Is he fat/thin? Is he well-fed?