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From today, we are going to start a new area of Reading and look at a particular section of fiction writing.


We are going to be looking at PLAYSCRIPTS.


Firsly, we are going to  try and CONNECT

Have you read any playscripts?

Have you seen any plays at the theatre or on tv?

If you haven't seen or read any playscripts, do you know the names of any famous plays or people who write plays (playwrights) ?


Make a note of your answers/thoughts or have a discussion with someone at home.


TASK 2: 

Watch the BBC Bitesize video clip to introduce plays and playscripts.

(If you feel you need to watch this a couple of times, please do.)


TASK 3: 

Have a look through the Powerpoint below (Features of a playscript) to familiarise yourself with the key features.

(You could make notes if you wish)



Have a look at the worksheet 'Can I identify features of a playscript?'

Using a key with different colours/highlighters, can you identify the key features from a small example of a playscript?