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Yesterday, we started to look at what the ancient Greeks believed in. We learnt that the Greeks believed in numerous gods and goddesses. All their stories (remember that was the main way of both explaining events and entertaining back then) would include a god or a goddess. The reading skill we are focussing on is VISUALISING.


TASK 1:  Read the description of Zeus below.

TASK 2:   After reading, create a table with two columns - similar to the one below. In one column list any words or phrases which tell us about Zeus's appearance; in the second column identify any words which describe his personality. 


For example.

                                  Appearance                                                               Personality



TASK 3:  Use the words you put in column 1 to help you visualise Zeus and then draw how you imagine him to look based on the details in the text below. Label your drawing.


ZEUS – King of the Gods


The ancient Greeks believed there were three significant gods (all brothers) and they ruled over certain domains: Poseidon was god of the seas; Hades was god of the underworld and Zeus was god of the skies, thunder and lightning. The god the ancient Greeks thought to be the overall ruler was Zeus. Zeus looked like a leader and the ancient Greeks believed that all the other gods respected him but also were rather fearful of him too. Zeus was a towering, incredibly strong figure who would sit upon his golden throne in the palace at Mount Olympus.  In his hand he would clutch his thunderbolt: he had the power to control the lightning and thunder. If he was angry then he would use this power to punish those who had angered him. Greeks believed he was a god who would laugh heartily and like to play tricks to amuse himself but on the other hand he also had a fierce temper. His behaviour in all the myths shows his moods were unpredictable. He had rather long, curly, white hair that sat on his wide shoulders and a short beard. The Greeks made many statues of him in which they depicted him wearing a typical long Greek tunic that was a bit like a dress that would go to his knees or below (called a chiton) and a cloak that wrapped around his body and would go over one shoulder held together with a brooch/clasp. An animal that would often be at his side was an eagle.