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Yesterday, you learnt about who the ancient Greeks were. Today you are going to read a non-fiction text which will start to explain what the ancient Greeks actually believed.


TASK 1:   Read though all the information on the PowerPoint.

TASK 2:   After reading, write down (you could do it as a list) how you can tell the text on the PowerPoint is non-fiction. How do you know it is not a story look at the presentation and the language used. Link to the work we have done in other weeks on features we might see on a non-fiction text. 

E.g. I can tell this is a non-fiction text in a number of ways:

  • Headings

TASK 3:   After reading, you need to write a summary of the information. Remember a summary means to put the information in your own words and only the key points. You could present this summary in a number of ways: a summary hand, a short paragraph, a summary poster, a recording of yourself summarising the text … you choose.








Here is the powerpoint in an alternative version for those struggling to access.