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We are now going to move on to a new topic:  Greek mythology and legends.


In today’s lesson we want you to read non-fiction texts about the ancient Greeks so you can gain some background knowledge before we move on to their beliefs and ways of explaining the world. You are researching to find out who the ancient Greeks were (when and where they lived, how they lived, what are they famous for, why do we know about them today ).


Don't worry about understanding everything you only have to gain a basic understanding.


TASK 1: Read both the text below and click on the link below  (BBC Bitesize, 'Who were the ancient Greeks?').


TASK 2: Read through the texts once - make this a skim/quick read to get the main gist of the text.

Read through again this time scanning the text to identify which points you think are really important to have a basic understanding of who the ancient Greeks were.




Write down at least 5 summary sentences about the ancient Greeks based on the text.

You could use this guide to help you write your sentences. Remember to make sure you use a capital G for Greeks as it is a proper noun.


  • Explain who/when they lived; where they lived; what they are famous for, why they are still important today, how they lived their lives.