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Yesterday we read about the Greek gods. Today we want you to use the same text to develop your explanation skills and your fluency skills.


TASK 1:  Open the document below called Greek gods and skim read through the different gods to remind yourself what they are like. 


a) Explain which god/goddess you would like to have as a friend based on the text and give a thorough explanation of why.

b) Explain which god/goddess you would not like to have as an enemy and give a thorough explanation of why.


Here’s my model answer to guide you on how to give a thorough explanation:


A god I would like as a friend would be Apollo. There are a number of reasons I would choose this particular god. First of all, he is the god of poetry and I like to read and write poetry so hopefully we could share ideas. Another reason is he is the god of music and I would like to listen to him play his lyre to help me relax. Finally, a really important reason is he has the ability to heal so I could use this power if any of my family or myself became ill.



TASK 3:  To improve FLUENCY skills.


Select two of the gods from the text that you think would be great as wrestlers and in a wrestling match together. Imagine you are the announcer and read out the text describing the two gods as though they are just entering a large stadium and doing their walk towards the ring. Be dramatic when you read out. (if you're up for a challenge read it out and change the verbs into the present tense!)


The Year 5 teachers would love to hear some of these if you want to send us a recording!