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Monday 8th


For the next two weeks, we are going to recap the FOUR OPERATIONS: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


This week, we are looking at addition and subtraction.

Aut5.4.3 - Add whole numbers with more than 4 digits

This is "Aut5.4.3 - Add whole numbers with more than 4 digits" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.



Lesson 3  

L.I Understand what a Hindu place of worship is and what it is for.  


Year 4 have recently been studying Hinduism. Do you remember studying it a year ago? 

It may be that those lessons had to be lost during the first lockdown. 

Here is a reminder of how Hindus worship at home.        (2 minutes) 


Hindu worship is called Puja. 


   In every religion in the world, you are showing respect for your god and focusing your thoughts on them and them alone. Before they worship, people usually do a number of things to get ready and to help them focus on what they are doing. 

   Worship is very special and important for anyone who is religious. 


Think about these questions and watch the clip again to write all the answers in your book. 

Try to use all these words at least once – special, important, focus, respect. 


  1. Describe what Hindus are looking at when they worship? 

  1. Are they standing up to worship? 

  1. Which sound begins worship? 

  1. What might a Hindu feel on their forehead? 

  1. What might they be able to smell? 


Hindus can worship at home or they can go to a Hindu place of worship called a Mandir. 

Just like Christian churches, Mandirs have been built in lots of different shapes and sizes. 


You are going to watch a tour around a Mandir in London. It is very large and a lot of work went into building it. Near the end, after Rama is described, the guide talks about a symbol. Pause and watch that bit twice – to be sure you understand it.  


As you watch, try to spot these things: 

  1. Similarities to worshipping at home. 

  1. Differences to worshipping at home. 

  1. How many people is it for? 

  1. Who gets to eat the food? 

  1. Why going up steps and looking up at the roof is important.    


Pick 5 facts about the Mandir.  

Write a paragraph as though you are the guide and include as many details as you can about those facts. 



   The Mandir in the clip was mostly empty. Imagine you were there when it was being used by lots of people.  

    Why do religious people (Christian or Hindu) want a place to all worship in together?