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Strikes and Flying Pickets


Prior to the latest Covid-19 restrictions, we had planned a walk to the Clowne Southgate Colliery memorial as an opportunity to recognise Clowne's mining heritage. However, if you live in the village and can use your daily exercise to safely do so, feel free to still take a walk to the memorial, it is certainly worthwhile.


In 2016, local MP Dennis Skinner unveiled the new memorial.


We would like you to read the article in the weblink below, published after the unveiling of the memorial, and answer the following questions.



1. Who unveiled the Mining memorial and what role did he occupy?


2. What county is the memorial situated in? 


3. What does the memorial commemorate? 


4. What do you think the word exponentially means in the second paragraph? 


5. Why was Southgate Colliery closed? 


6. Where is the memorial located in Clowne? 


7. What happened in 1920 and how many people lost their lives between 1877 and 1929? 


8. What does the memorial consist of? 


9. What is so special about the plinth on the memorial? 


10. Why was Dennis Skinner a good person to unveil the memorial?