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L.I Develop ideas by collecting information, sketches and resources 


  • What do you remember about Pete Mckee’s caricature designs? (simple facial features, little detail, blocks of colour, black outlines etc) 

  • Today you are going to look at mining images and objects today, and use these to create their own Mckee style miner caricature. Do you know what miners wore? What sort of items may they have been carrying with them? 

  • Look at traditional mining images & accessories of lamps, pick-axe, shovel, mining hat/lamp, jacket (see PowerPoint) look carefully at shapes you can see, outlines and shadows. 

  • Think about the style of Mckee’s artwork – simple, black outlines and solid colours. Have a go at drawing the objects but simplify your drawings to create a ‘Mckee’ style drawing instead. 

  • Remember from lesson 1 on how to draw a Mckee style caricature.

  • Draw a simple caricature face and body and add mining accessories including helmet, jacket, holding a torch/pick axe/shovel etc. Then add black outline using black pen and shade using pencil crayon.