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The Tale of the Three Brothers


Read The Tale of Three Brothers.  What kind of story is this? Does the story remind you of any others that you are familiar with? What do you think Ron thinks of the story? Harry? Hermione? Why might this tale be told to young witches and wizards?


Watch the film clip ‘The Tale of the Three Brothers’.



Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 'Three Brothers Story'

What are your initial thoughts and feelings? Do you feel as though the film makers portrayed the tale well? How did it differ to the text? Is it how you imagined it yourself? Why do you think the film makers chose to use a shadow puppet animation to tell the tale?


You will be working towards re-telling The Tale of the Three Brothers from the point of view of Death.

What does writing from a character’s point of view mean?

It means writing in role as a character – it will include the things they see, their thoughts, their feelings, their attitudes only. At the moment, when you watch the film it focuses on the three brothers. However, if we consider the point of view of Death at the beginning of the film – what would his point of view be? What would he see? How might he be feeling?


You will be writing no ordinary narrative story. The tale you tell will be in the form of a narrative poem. A narrative poem is a poem that tells a story but has no chapters. It uses rhythm and poetic language. Today, you will be story mapping the narrative from Death’s point of view. Your story maps will be the building bricks of your poem. You do not have to include sentences unless you want to but you must be able to explain your story map.


To begin with, draw the following scenes – 1) Waiting beyond the river 2) Witnessing the brothers create a bridge 3) Facing the three brothers and pretending to be impressed 4) Thinking up a trick to capture the brothers and offering the gifts.  Then, continue to story map the story from Death’s point of view.


Extension: Note down adverbs for each of death’s actions (e.g. waiting eagerly, witnessing furiously etc.) to best describe deaths point of view at each plot point.