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Understanding what a day working in the mine was like for adults and children.

Starter: Using just the first audio file about Jimmy's first day working in the mines (link above), listen carefully and jot down some notes about the conditions and daily life working in the mines.

Things to consider:
- Safety

- History of accidents

- Family
- Conditions in the mine
- The working day

Task: Read the story of Lottie (or ask an adult to read it to you) and make notes about 'technical' vocab (words specifically related to mining) especially any job roles that you come across.


Once you have read the text, look at the images of children working in the mines and see if you can relate any of the pictures to anything you have read in the story of Lottie (for example jobs).

Choose one photo and use the sentence starters from the vocabulary mat to write a short paragraph about the photo.