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Newspapers and Dialogue 

L.I. Read newspaper texts from the Harry Potter Series and pick out features


Revise bullet point layout and punctuation using the PowerPoint.  Most of this block’s reading will come from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


Read Molly Weasley’s letter on the PowerPoint. This match is between Ireland and Bulgaria and as a world cup final, it is an important event in the international wizarding world. Watch the short video clip of the build-up to the match, keep an eye out for Victor Krum, who you will meet later. 

Harry Potter- The Quidditch World Cup

How might people find out about the match?  


Newspaper reports... of course....!


Read the follow Newspaper Texts the wizarding world (attached below)  Pick out features of newspapers (you might find it useful to highlight examples). Once you have found some features, create a list of them as punctuated bullet points.