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Clowne Junior School

Working together for success and happiness


Read/listen to Chapters 8-10 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone during this week.


Read the opening of Chapter 8 to ‘…gave Hermione a rare smile.’ Think about the ordinary challenges of starting a new school and additional difficulties of Hogwarts (moving stairs, ghosts, magic etc.). List some examples, separating ordinary and magical challenges. Harry could do with a set of instructions!

What kind of instructions could help Harry. What sort of sentences do instructions tend to use? 


Revise sentence forms - Session 1 using Resources PowerPoint below.



 Identify sentence forms; punctuate and change purpose of a sentence          

Write four sentences: a statement, a question, an exclamation and a command. ensure each sentence is punctuated accurately. 


Can you change any of your sentences into another form. For example: a statement into a question. Think about what you have to change to do so.