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Read/listen to Chapters 1-4 of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Watching the film is also allowed but just the introduction - only the first 17minutes!


As a fantasy story there are lots of unfamiliar words which appear in the world of Harry Potter (as J.K. Rowling invented them!). How many words can you think of? How could you help someone understand the books if they have never heard of these words?


Create a HP dictionary. It will be important to list the terms and their definitions which will include the type of word they are: the word class.


Revise word classes using Resources Powerpoint.


Today's Task

Choose from the given list of words (below) from the world of Harry Potter. You must first identify the word class of your chosen words and check that you have covered all word classes with your selections. Then write definitions of the words including defining the word class. If a word covers two word classes, e.g. fly, try to write two definitions.

Tip: Online dictionaries are useful for determining tricky word classes.              



Send your completed work to your class teacher on Class dojo.