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Clowne Junior School

Working together for success and happiness


Task 1:


Use today's Spag Catch up powerpoint to refresh your memory on semi-colons and colons.


Have a go at the tasks within the powerpoint before completing the task below.


Task 2: In the spaces below, decide whether these sentences are missing a semi-colon or a colon.


  1. Neither Mr Poe nor Count Olaf could understand Sunny ___ Violet and Klaus new exactly what she meant.
  2. Count Olaf didn’t receive a penny of the Baudelaire fortune ___ it couldn’t be accessed until Violet was of age.
  3. The children were devastated to realise they wouldn’t be living with Justice Strauss ___ her house was the most beautiful on the street.
  4. The unusual eye made the children feel very uneasy ___ like they were constantly being watched.