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This week, we will be covering slightly more Maths than normal in order to complete some additional sessions before half term. Please work through as much of this as you can at home. If you are unable to complete it all, please do not worry as we can always come back to things. 

For each topic, watch the video. Keep pausing the video to complete any tasks or questions given. 

Then, complete the sheet and check your answers. 

Prime Numbers to 100

Aut6.7.2 - Primes to 100

Square and Cube Numbers 

Aut6.7.3 - Square and cube numbers

Order of Operations 

Aut6.7.4 - Order of operations

Mental Calculations

Aut6.7.5 - Mental calculations

Reason with Known Facts 

Aut6.8.1 - Reason from known facts