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Clowne Junior School

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Today is Fluency Friday!


Grab your favourite book and spend a good 20-30 minutes just enjoying it. If you can, spend some of this time reading to an adult. 

Don't forget to log this in your reading record and send it to your class teacher. 


To finalise your biography, we would like you to spend today's writing session focusing on your 'finishing touches'.


Today you should:

  • Add your title 'Sir David Attenborough'.
  • Add any images (printed or hand drawn) or diagrams that you wish.
  • Include a 'Did you know?' of your own choosing.
  • Complete a final review of your success criteria.


Once your work has been completed, please ensure that your class teacher receives either an electronic version or a hard copy on Monday 20th.


We can't wait to see your finished biography!


Today we are continuing with revising some of the key skills covered this term. 

Today, our focus is MULTIPLYING AND DIVIDING FRACTIONS. There are several choices to today's revision tasks based on how confident children are feeling about the concept. Watch the videos below and then complete your choice of tasks. Move through the traffic light of tasks as your confidence grows or challenge yourself from the get go! 

Red is the most challenging. You will find the difficulty rating stars at the bottoms of the sheets when you open it up. 

Green level-  sheets 1, 2 and 3 (1 star sheet)

Amber level- Sheets 1, 2 and 3 (2 star sheet)

Red level- Sheets 1, 2 and 3 (3 star sheet)

Aut6.11.3 - Multiply fractions by integers

Aut6.11.4 - Multiply fractions by fractions

Aut.6.12.1 - Divide fractions by integers (2)