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LI: Write a report based on events in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix      


Read Chapter 28, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from ‘BOOM!’ to ‘…the word POO!’ - Linked above

This is a narrative. How might it be different if it were a formal report by Umbridge and she was recounting these terrible events to the Ministry or an amused informal one by a student to a friend?


Reread the text and make notes of events to include in your writing today.


Choose who you will write a report in the role of and this will dictate how formal the language that you use will be. For Umbridge, the tone will be very formal (and disapproving). Umbridge may be reporting this as an example of the attitude of students or in order to justify mass expulsion or the expense of repairs. If writing as a student you would probably be approving in tone and informal if writing to friends or family members. This is a funny event to recount. Malfoy and Filch are interesting alternatives. Remember to apply the grammar revision, using adverbials and selecting register.