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L.I. Write a persuasive letter to read at Buckbeak’s appeal  


Buckbeak’s story - Hagrid has lost the case and now there is only the appeal left, which might save Buckbeak. Ron has promised to help this time. What could they do? They could write persuasive letters to the Ministry!  Your task today is to write an appeal letter to....



Use the text above from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Chapter 6), where Hagrid teaches his first lesson, which ends in Malfoy being injured.  Use this to pick out evidence to support your persuasive writing. 


Your appeal letter writing should include: an introduction, reasons why Buckbeak should be spared and a short summing up sentence.

Think about the persuasive features we have looked at this week. 

There are lots of opportunities to include the grammar focuses:

  • Adverbs of possibility to present opinions as fact or strengthen assertions (certainly, surely...)

  • Passive language to remove the agent and therefore the blame (When Mr. Malfoy was attacked…)

  • Subordinate clauses to add reasons for points or conditions (If he had listened to the teacher’s instructions, …).