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Think about the features of instructional writing: clear statement of purpose, possible equipment list, imperative verbs, divided into clear steps, helpful tips, present tense, clear language, adverbs for time and manner. Watch the flying lesson clip from HP film (52min47 – 55m07) Can you spot the  features of instructions – you may need to watch twice. What instructions might be helpful for Hogwarts students which may not be on the official reading list?!

First Flying Lesson Scene

Write alternative instructions to surviving a Hogwarts’ education

Choose a topic for instructions.  (e.g. How to defeat a troll; How to win a wizard duel; How to survive potions class; How to deal with ghosts; How to find secret passageways; etc.). Write instructions, using language and format conventions you have learnt this week.  Consider tone and audience. Is this a friendly text, the type of thing a Weasley twin would pass on? Is it a formal text, written with the tone of a textbook? You can choose either but should reflect this in your style of writing.