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Watch the clip from the film, the first view of Diagon Alley.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Diagon Alley

Everything that the viewer sees and hears is planned to create a vivid scene. The director shares their image with different people, who design the set, choose the right actors, make costumes and props, etc. They must find a way to describe what they want the film to look like using vivid language. Today you will be writing in the role of director using their descriptive writing skills.


 Write a description of a scene using descriptive language

Choose a scene which you would like to write a description of, as director, to help everyone on the production share your vision: Harry and Hagrid visit Gringotts; Harry buys a wand; Harry arrives at Hogwarts; the sorting.  For example, ‘Hagrid, who is holding a battered umbrella, taps lightly on a brick, weather-beaten wall. With a hollow scraping sound, the bricks part to reveal an amazing sight.’ Use expanded noun phrases and relative clauses to build rich images. You could also use some modal verbs to build tension.