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Friday 18th

Friday Jobs! 


Friday mornings are always busy at school so while you're at home, complete the following Friday morning jobs: 

- Homework marking

-Spelling test- find someone at home who can quickly test you and record your score

-Spelling practise- login to Spelling Shed to practise the new words for the week

-Grammar quiz 



Today's text is called... 'Stonehenge'... I think you can guess what the text will be about! 

Begin by reading the text then follow the slides to complete the questions. There are additional questions on the text sheet to complete too. You'll already have some knowledge around Stonehenge but remember to always use the text in your answers, not just your own knowledge. 



Today's lesson is the final lesson in our block on shape. It is called... Volume of a cuboid. 

Watch the video and then complete the worksheets. 

Good luck! 

Spr6.9.4 - Volume of a cuboid