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In the model yesterday 'Meeting the Goddess' a type of punctuation that was used was the hyphen. We are going today to look at how we can use hyphens and try to make sure we do not confuse these with dashes.


TASK 1:  First of all, go through the PowerPoint below called 'Using hyphens' .                

                Secondly, open the link  'BBC Bitesize clip understanding hyphens and dashes' and                 go through this.

               (These will help you to understand when and why we use hyphens.)


TASK 2:  Now choose different characters (they could be from myths, films and stories) and write at least 8 sentences which describe them making sure each sentence contains a hyphen (they can be silly). Underline where you have used a hyphen.


Look at my examples below to help you.


For example:


As a proud ogre, Shrek knew it was important to keep his slimy-green skin perfectly mosturised by bathing each night in the stinky swamp.


Anna groaned loudly as she could hear her whingy sister Elsa was singing 'Let it go' for the twenty-sixth time!




Challenge:     Now have a go at writing 2 sentences of your own that contain two dashes in each sentence.





An alternative version of the powerpoint for anyone who is struggling to access it.