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Our writing is going to link with our Reading theme:

Greek mythology and legends. 

During this week's writing sequence, you will learn how to write a description which is engaging and helps the reader visualise (picture) a new character. You will also learn how you can use hyphens and semi-colons to make your meaning clearer. Towards the end of the sequence you will create your own god/goddess and describe them in exciting detail.   




Background information: below is the model which is written as though it is an extract from a myth. The character Demetris is a young hero (a mortal) who has been set on a quest. 


Task 1:  THINK do you know what immortal and mortal means? (if not, then look these words up.)  

Task 2:  Read through the model at least twice.




Meeting the Goddess

Without any warning, the air in front of the young hero Demetrius filled with a ball of hazy mist that seemed to shimmer and glow also he could faintly hear slow, melodic music.  Demetris trembled. The mist completely vanished; a tall, imposing woman stood there gazing directly at him. He knew she had to be one of the immortals! He fell to his knees out of respect. The woman’s hair - which was curly - was silvery-grey and some of it was held in a bun the rest fell on to her shoulders.  Although her hair was completely grey, nearly everything else about her appeared young and vibrant. She stood as straight as a rod; she had not a single wrinkle upon her smooth olive skin. She was clothed in a long blue robe all edged with an intricate gold pattern. He noted that she had bare feet on the rocky ground but it did not seem to bother her. She signalled for him to rise. Finally, Demetrius dared to return her gaze and look into her eyes. He had to see if she meant him any harm. As a boy, he had been taught through all the old tales that immortals can be both very kind and very cruel. Her eyes were a beautiful emerald-green. The eyes seemed to be filled with knowledge and understanding. Reassuringly, he spotted a small hint of a smile on her face. Just at this moment, a rusty-brown owl flew down and gracefully landed on her left shoulder and at the same time a thick, dusty book appeared in her right hand. At last, it dawned upon Demetrius which goddess actually stood before him …. Phronesis the Goddess of Wisdom and Truth. She was known by all to be fair and helpful to those in need. The power to see through all lies and to know the right path to take.


“Greetings young Demetris, from Mount Olympus I’ve been watching you since the day you were born all your twenty-one years. You are brave and true but many perils still lie in wait for you!”


Was the goddess going to help him on his quest? Would she give him a way to beat Hades’ hideous monster?

Task 3:  After reading, make sure you clarify any tricky words such as imposing, intricate, perils.


Task 4: Write down a list of  all the words and phrases which help us to visualise (picture) the goddess.


Task 5: Write down a short description of her in your own words.


(Extra challenge - you could have a try at drawing how you think she looks. I’m going to have a go at drawing her too and will post my picture of her on dojos later on in the week. We would love to see your pictures. )