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Learning when and how to add parenthesis


In the model A journey to the underworld I have used parenthesis to drop extra information into a sentence. This is something writers do regularly especially in informal writing/story writing. When we want to add in additional information to a sentence, we have a choice of punctuation; we can use double commas or doubles dashes or brackets.


EXAMPLES from the model:


Demetris, who was the son of a fisherman, would be made King of all Kreeta.


The blue cave (which the goddess had warned him about) was now very close.


Could he — a young man of twenty-one years defeat the three-headed hound?


TASK 1: Read through the PowerPoint to help you understand more.



An alternative version of the PowerPoint for those struggling to access it.

Using brackets, dashes and commas to show parenthesis

Task 2

For each of these sentences, add extra information (parenthesis) in the spaces. REMEMBER to mark the start and end of your extra information (parenthesis) with either brackets, double commas or double dashes. Vary your punctuation don’t just keep using the same one.


  1. Zeus _______________________________ sent violent storms down on the people to punish them.
  2. The one-eyed monster cyclops __________________________ trod on all the trees crushing them to the ground.
  3. The people _______________________________ flocked to the temple to pray to the goddess.
  4. The young hero Perseus _______________________________ was on a quest to return with Medusa.
  5. In the dark damp cave ________________________________ he could sense there was a terrible creature waiting for him.
  6. Cerberus _______________________________ was the guardian to the underworld.
  7. The god Poseidon _____________________________ sent his sea serpent to destroy the King’s ship.
  8. To his amazement, the winged horse ______________________________ flew down to the ground.



Try to make up some of your own sentences connected to our theme and make sure you include parenthesis.