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In the model yesterday, there was quite a lot of dialogue (speech/conversation). It is important that when we include dialogue in our writing that it is interesting and moves the story on. Today, we are going to look at when we should use speech and how we can keep it interesting and meaningful.


TASK 1: Read through the PowerPoint

Here is an alternative version of the PowerPoint if you are struggling to access it.

Remember by changing the word said to another word we can give more information or we can add to said an adverb or an adverbial phrase. Look at the example below.

E.g.  “Yes, that’s wonderful Fred Bloggs,” said Mrs O’Connor.

Could be changed to:

“Yes, that’s wonderful Fred Bloggs,” congratulated Mrs O’Connor.


“Yes, that’s wonderful Fred Bloggs,” sighed Mrs O’Connor.


“Yes, that’s wonderful Fred Bloggs,” said Mrs O’Connor happily.


“Yes, that’s wonderful Fred Bloggs,” said Mrs O’Connor in a rather sarcastic way.

TASK 2: Rewrite the speech below (or write on the sheet) between Demetris and the god Hades so it is clear how the characters are speaking. Remember to either change the word said for a better synonym or add an adverb/adverbial to the word said.

Extra challenge complete the last sentence and carry the conversation on a bit more.



There was a huge ball of thick smoke and then a towering man suddenly appeared. It was Hades!

“How DARE you enter my kingdom and steal from me, “said Hades.

Demetris was petrified and said, “I…I…don’t know what you mean.”

“Do NOT treat ME like a fool boy! You are the one who tricked that stupid dog of mine,” said Hades.

“I am sorry your greatness but….”said Demetris.

Hades said, “STOP blabbering on, you pathetic thieving mortal!”

“But… you need to know why I did it. Please listen to me,” said Demetris.

“What can you possibly tell me that’s of any interest?” said Hades.

Demetris said, “I can tell you which of the gods got me to steal your helmet because they wanted it so they could destroy you.”

“WHO?” said Hades.

Demetris knew he was putting himself in a lot of danger but he felt he had no other choice but to tell the truth so he said, “It was your …………………...............................................!”