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Today’s task: you need to CREATE your own god or goddess using a planning format. There are two styles for you to choose from.

  • Attached is the planning that I used before I did my writing to give you some ideas.
  • If you are still stuck for ideas then you could also click on the link which will take you to BBC Bitesize, Who were the ancient Greek gods and heroes? On there you’ll find an image of 6 of the gods - if you click on them they will describe who they are. (Be prepared for some peculiar voices!)
  • Remember all writers 'magpie' ideas from other people so, for example, you could take a god like Zeus but slightly alter him, rename him and make him your own. The goddess I created Phronesis is very similar to the ancient Greek goddess Athena. 

Two planning examples to choose from:

Mrs O'Connor's chosen planning sheet completed:

Planning Sheet to download