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Friday that must mean it's time to write!


You've done all that great build up this week and now it's time to get writing. REMEMBER the purpose of the writing is to engage the reader in the text and in particular the conversation between the two characters Medusa and Perseus. It is really important that it is clear which characters are speaking and that the conversation is exciting and adds to the story.   


The checklist below is to help you BUT don't worry if you haven't got all these things into your writing. The most important things are … does your writing make sense and is it good storytelling! Would your story be exciting if it was made into a film? 


We can't wait to read them!

( Maybe you add some drawings at the end too if you have the energy!)




Features to try and include:

ü if you have this feature in your writing:

Build up the tension before the two characters speak.


Describe Medusa’s lair and her.


Start a new line when a new character speaks and say which character is speaking.


Use synonyms for said or/and add adverbs/adverbial phrases to the word said.


Punctuate the speech correctly.


Make sure Medusa sounds persuasive.


Adventurous vocabulary






Punctuation for parenthesis brackets commas and dashes