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Drayton Manor Remote Learning

English 1:




Watch the two animated videos that tell the tale of two children, Coco and Lila.


Both tell children's different experiences of the Day of the Dead celebration.


Day of the Dead - THE LITERACY SHED - Lila

and – Coco


After watching the two video clips, complete the review sheet below that compares the two experiences.

English 2:


Day of the Dead


Use the video of Coco (above) and your existing knowledge of the Mexican celebration of 'Day of the Dead' to complete a brainstorm of the 5 senses. (See below).


You will need to consider and brainstorm all of the things you would be able to: see, hear, smell, touch and taste at the various points in the video.



This week we have been reviewing our Arithmetic skills.

Attached below is an arithmetic to challenge yourself with. Note down any that you find challenging and your class teacher will review these with you on Thursday.

Foundation - Topic


Japan's tourist attractions.


Use the internet to research these three Japanese tourist attractions:

- Senso-ji temple

- The Robot Restaurant 

- The Tokyo Skytree


You might want to research:

- What is it?

- Where in Tokyo is is located (district)?

- How much does it cost?

- Would you like to visit it?

- How long has it been there?